Essential Facts You Need to Know About Google Ads

It’s no surprise that Google is famous for their algorithms and keeping things fair in terms of their users interests. However, for businesses, it’s important to appear high in the search results because your content or product will be seen by 2x more people. With Google Ads, your page will be ranked high on search engines, which in turn helps your website credibility. In this blog, we will talk about Google Ad facts and statistics. In addition to standing out on Google using PPC marketing. Read more to learn some creative ways to separate yourself from the crowd in 2023 using less conventional methods on Google.

1. Google Ads Convert 50% Better than Organic Traffic

All businesses should have organic traffic, at least. Organic search traffic on Google is free. In addition to your organic content, you should consider Google Ads. It is known through studies that people are more likely to make a purchase through paid ads than through clicking on the organic search results. Think of it this way, have you ever looked on Google’s second page of search results? Nobody really goes to the second search result page of Google, let alone the third page. With Google Ads, your site will more likely be seen on the top search page. This in turn will convert more visitors into customers. 

2. 70% of Mobile eCommerce Customers Place Calls Through Mobile Ads

Most consumers make purchases through their mobile devices, and in that percentage, they also place calls through those mobile ads. This statistic could be so high due to the demand and convenience of seeing the search results at the top of Google. Remember, people don’t want to be scrolling all day.

3. 65% of Ads Clicked Have Buyer Intent Keywords

The intent keywords like “buy, sale, cheap, purchase, shop” are words that demonstrate the buyer’s intent. So, if you use these keywords in your content, then this will appear to buyer intent users at the top list. Keywords are essential when building Google Ads because they help you get in front of the right target audience you are looking for.

4. 90% Of Internet Users See Google Display Ads Worldwide

These display ads are going to be ranked first on Google search results. With that in mind, almost 90% of internet users will see your ad campaign. Google Ads will be your friend no matter what because of its effectiveness in authority and credibility.

Ways to Use Google Ads Efficiently

There are ways you can use Google Ads to the best of your ability. You first want to go to the top of the funnel and create a relevant landing page. The top of the funnel allows you to introduce your brand and services to new customers. You also want to make sure your landing pages are relevant to the content you’re advertising, i.e. repeat the points made in the ad. Do this by adding relevant keywords and creating a clear message to your audience. Another tip is to keep your organic content going! Keep that consistent along with running your ads because it further builds your authority. If you want to target effectively, consider adding geotargeting to your ad campaigns will help you spend your budget in the place that your customers are, and also think about geotargeted bids based on seasonality or weather. Geotargeting is great for local/small businesses because people want to see what’s in the area and your business will pop up first with these ad campaigns. However, do remember, that you need to target your ads at the right place and right time because you want to make sure your targeting is correct and working.

How MSM Digital Can Help You

We understand the importance of running Google Ad campaigns for any small or large business. We can help you come up with the right ad campaign that is effective for your business and targeted at the right audience. Our web development team can help you create the right landing page and track your Google Ads to see if they’re working correctly. Our social media team can come up with the best strategy that will bring more traffic to your website and social channels. Let’s get started! Are you ready? Contact us today.