How QR Codes Can Be Used For Marketing

QR codes are becoming a significant form of marketing in 2022. Have you noticed some unusual-looking square boxes appearing in print publications and advertisements? They are starting to appear more in public, like at restaurants who use no-contact menus. These 2D matrix barcodes are Quick Response (QR) codes. You can think of a QR code as a paper-based hyperlink that connects the physical world with the online world. These codes direct users to mobile landing pages that contain more information and interactivity than on a printed page. The purpose of these codes is to add a new dimension of communication to any marketing or outreach effort. But how can these work for marketing and new businesses? Let’s discuss more down below.

How QR Codes Work

First, let’s talk about how exactly these codes work. You simply scan the code with your mobile device camera, then it is immediately translated into actionable information. Your camera will read up on the code and direct you to the website or app.

QR Codes For Marketing

These codes can be more efficient than we think in terms of marketing efforts and increasing our way of communication. There are a number of practical ways they can be used for marketing and promotions in a variety of settings. For example, QR codes can be integrated into any type of printed material, such as: 

  • Event/conference displays 
  • Print advertisements 
  • Business cards 
  • Mailers/ postcards 

They can also be used for marketing efforts such as: 

  • Digital payments 
  • Shopping 
  • Increasing website traffic 
  • Promoting your business/app 
  • Locating your business 
  • Getting product reviews 

Consider trying a QR code for your business to increase traffic and increase communication with them. Did you know Apple’s iOS 11 update enabled iPhones to recognize and scan QR codes? Android smartphone makers are doing the same, too. Therefore, nearly every type of smartphone holder has steadily welcomed QR codes into their daily lives. This may explain why they are becoming more popular and a more efficient way to enhance customer experience. Not only do people prioritize having touchless transactions, they also want to get to information faster than ever before. QR codes bridge that gap between digital and physical spaces, proving more relevant in the past year. 

The Benefits of QR Code Marketing

These codes are beneficial in cost and creativity. Brands today are already taking advantage of QR codes in marketing campaigns, so think about how you can also use them to achieve eye-catching simplicity, geolocated personalization, creative collaborations, a link between TV and e-commerce, and product authentication. For example, Adidas used QR codes with geolocation. Adidas launched the new Pulseboost HD range, it added a QR code to the sneaker’s tongue and took them to a Spotify playlist that contains music based on their current location. Their campaign was focused on those who are out running or exercising and have difficulty scrolling through an app to find the right playlist to work out. This partnership with Spotify helped the user’s in-the-moment needs. This QR code on the sneaker leads the customer to an upbeat playlist when they are running or exercising from their city or town. This partnership is beneficial for Adidas as well as Spotify because it strengthens the customer relationship between both brands. It definitely shows the convenience and thought for the customer’s needs as they implemented this QR code right on their product.

How MSM Can Help You

At MSM Digital, we understand the importance of new technology and the benefits it can bring to your business. QR codes can easily be implemented through your social media campaigns and websites. It can bring your customers to a new page about you and your brand, or even new events or announcements. These codes are more efficient in communicating with your customers since more of the population are using smartphones and laptops daily. Want to get your business ahead? Let us assist you today! Contact us, and we look forward to hearing from you: